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I keep having issues dragging myself out of bed in the morning to exercise. Every day, I set my alarm clock for 5:15 am with the hope (delusion) that I will somehow hop out of bed ready to get my sweat on. Inevitably I press snooze anywhere from 3 to 50 bagillion times and end up cutting my workout short, or not working out at all. You might say “Nicole, why don’t you work out after work”, to which I reply, “There never seems to be a convenient time after work.” Between meetings, housework, making dinner, etc., it just seems like the morning makes the most sense. But dammit, it’s hard.

This morning I did a 30 minute Nike Training Club App workout. Have any of you ever used the NTC app? It’s pretty awesome. If you’re like me, you are not a masochist and are not good at coming up with ideas to to torture yourself (e.g. burpees, single leg deadlift/fly combos, V-ups). You need someone or something to do it for you. I have found a couple of apps that come up with new fresh hell for me so I don’t have to.


According  to the ol’ heart rate monitor I burned a measly 275 calories. Normally I like to burn at least 400, but that usually takes 45 minutes, which means I can’t hit snooze 40 times before I get up. Le sigh. I guess I should just be happy I did anything at all, but there I go again thinking I should be cross fitting whilst marathoning.

So, this morning I had a slightly smaller/less caloric breakfast to compensate. I had a chocolate chip Clif Z Kids bar and a little later on, a pomegranate yogurt. I bought a bunch of the bars at the grocery store this week because it seems like they are always on sale. They hit the spot, and are a quick grab and go item when I am running around like crazy woman packing my lunch because I had to, that’s right, SNOOZE.

Oh well, at least my pomegranate yogurt was delicious, even if John Stamos wasn’t there to feed it to me.


Have a wonderful day!


Author: nicb1rd

Happily married, pets, no kids. Relatively boring desk job. I blog to nurture my creativity and have a little fun. I love cooking, taking pictures, and general shenanigans.

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