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Spring is Lingering

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I don’t know about you but we have been experiencing colder than normal temperatures for this time of year and it’s starting to get on my nerves. Of course as soon as summer comes I will inevitably be bitching about how hot it is.

Peonies in bloom

Yesterday afternoon I took some pictures of the flowers in my yard. I planted the peony above 2 years ago and it’s finally starting to take off this year. The first year I had one lonely blossom and this year there must be over a dozen! I should clarify that when I say “I planted” what I am really saying is, I picked out the flower and the spot and stood there watching while my husband did all the actual labor. 

Look how huge this thing is!

They looked so pretty that I decided to go all Martha Stewart on that shit and make some lovely arrangements to grace my living space… Until the cats decide to eat them and puke them up on the carpet, sending my husband into a hulk-like rage.

Bite mark free… for now

In other news, I found some newborn babies in a tree in our backyard. WHAT?! No, not THAT kind of baby.

“Cheep, cheep, cheep!”

That’s it for now, darlings. The hubby’s taking me out for dinner tonight to a restaurant I have been dying to go to. More on that tomorrow.

Talk to you soon!


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Happily married, pets, no kids. Relatively boring desk job. I blog to nurture my creativity and have a little fun. I love cooking, taking pictures, and general shenanigans.

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