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Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says


Weekly Photo Challenge

Princess Juliana International Airport, St. Maarten

This airport is known for its notoriously short runway. The planes land and take off, separated from the ocean by just a narrow stretch of beach.

Plane landing at SWX

The big thrill comes when the jumbo jets take off and land. I captured a tiny plane above, but imagine an Airbus about 100 feet above your head and you start to get the idea. Crazy (I mean adventure seeking) tourists stand at the fence just before the massive planes take off. When their jet engines start up, the noise is unbelievable and the thrust they generate literally knocks people off their feet. People hang on to the fence and try not to get blown into the sea. Good times.


Author: nicb1rd

Happily married, pets, no kids. Relatively boring desk job. I blog to nurture my creativity and have a little fun. I love cooking, taking pictures, and general shenanigans.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

  1. You were there! I am jealous! Some day I want to go there just for the jet blast experience! There are YouTube videos of cockpit approaches and from the beach too at Sint Maarten.

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