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Daily Prompt: Rules

A delightfully serious coffee shop window in Amsterdam. I took this photo back in 2008.

Daily Prompt from The Daily Post




Golf is a really hard game. I’ll admit, I have absolutely no patience for it. I am an instant gratification kind of girl, and the only thing I can imagine doing for 4 hours straight is sleeping. The fact that these athletes can get a tiny ball into a tiny hole 350 yards away in just a few swings of the club is pretty remarkable.

Granted, I will hit some balls at the driving range from time to time, and if I practiced more I might not even suck that badly. One time I even beat my husband at mini golf, and I will NEVER let him forget it. But practicing my swing is just not something I have the desire to spend my time doing, so I guess that’s where it all falls down, right?

This week my husband is down in Merion, PA for the U.S. Open. My brother-in-law is a golf pro at Merion, and that means backstage passes for my husband. He has been like a little kid on Christmas about it for quite a while now. He signed up to volunteer and has been spending the past few days doing everything from helping the grounds crew clean up and dry out the course, to working at the practice range. For the rest of the week he gets to stalk players, and walk the beautiful course as the tournament unfolds.



He’s been texting me pictures of the course, and on Sunday I let him take my precious camera so I will be without it all week.

All I can say is that he better get some good pictures. I want close ups of that adorable little Irish freckle faced Rory McIlroy. CLOSE UPS!

I’ll leave you with a few cell phone snaps of the course, these were taken by my husband this past weekend while things were still relatively quiet.

Do you play golf? Do you enjoy watching others play?



Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

Weekly Photo Challenge

Princess Juliana International Airport, St. Maarten

This airport is known for its notoriously short runway. The planes land and take off, separated from the ocean by just a narrow stretch of beach.

Plane landing at SWX

The big thrill comes when the jumbo jets take off and land. I captured a tiny plane above, but imagine an Airbus about 100 feet above your head and you start to get the idea. Crazy (I mean adventure seeking) tourists stand at the fence just before the massive planes take off. When their jet engines start up, the noise is unbelievable and the thrust they generate literally knocks people off their feet. People hang on to the fence and try not to get blown into the sea. Good times.

I Heart Faces: In the Distance


I took this photo on Pinel Island, a tiny island located just off the coast of St. Martin. The beautiful background and the setting sun capture the silhouette of of an unidentified person in the distance that could be any one of us. Running into the sea to escape the heat of the day, I can plunge into the cool, dark water, creating a reprieve from the noise of the surroundings, and finding blissful silence. I like to swim submerged for as long as I can, and then come up to take a deep, cleansing breath.

Photo Challenge Submission