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Camera Candy

As a novice photographer, I am always looking for beautiful things to photograph that stay still long enough for me to figure out how to capture that beauty. Often times, flowers are my go to subjects.

They are colorful.

They live outside (hello, natural light).

They don’t move, save the occasional breeze or gust of wind.

And sometimes we even have surprise guest appearances!

Practicing with flowers is a great way to experiment with the settings on your camera. I find it to be a low stress way of shooting in Manual Mode.

Stress, you ask? Yeah that’s right – I can┬átotally┬ástress myself out trying to capture an action shot or a fleeting moment if I have to think what shutter speed will best capture a particular motion in a particular light, and oh my god what about ISO, and shit I forgot to change my white balance to cloudy, and before long I’m curled up in fetal position rocking back and forth and drooling.

So yeah, flowers relax me.



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What is up with this flower? Seriously! I had to hold my face up to it to demonstrate the scale of this monster. Does this have something to do with global warming? Or lack thereof? Maybe it’s just the Miracle Grow. I’ll let you be the judge.